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Contingent Staffing is a peer-led, interactive conference designed to help staffing professionals build a winning people strategy using procurement values. Created part of our ProcureCon Series of events, Contingent Staffing will make sure you have the tools for success in Total Talent Management.

2019 Speakers

Join over 50 speakers from HR, Procurement, Talent & Contingent Labor at some of the most innovative companies in North America. We’ll have the insight you need to elevate your workforce program.

Sherry Kurek

Manager External Workforce
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois

Emily Adams

Program Lead, Global Contingent Workforce
KLA – Tencor

Nick Wennerstrom

Director, Contingent Labor
Zebra Technologies

Allen Chilson

Vendor Relationship Manager (Talent Acquisition)

Dan Khublall

Senior Director, Global Contingent Labor, Professional Services Sourcing
Thomson Reuters

Shannon Fisher

Manager, Procurement
Ascena Retail

The Contingent Staffing Experience

50+ High-Level Industry Speakers

Get the insights & strategies you need to transform your Contingent program. Our interactive session formats will provide you with the HR, procurement & staffing

Join The Staffing Community

Make new friends at our curated networking activities designed to help you create meaningful connections that last well beyond the event.

Get Inspired

You’ll join 150+ practitioners who have one goal – to elevate the success of their contingent program! With our peer-led content and interactive formats, you’ll be in the best position to grow your career – and have a good time while doing it!

Procurement & HR Strategies

Contingent Staffing is designed to give you the critical content you need to have a transformative impact on your organization!

This panel of experts will engage you with tricks, trends and perspectives to evaluate the ‘big picture’ of your contingent staffing program and helping you win the war for the best talent Regardless of your program’s maturity, size, or focus, you won’t want to miss this engaging session that will provide key takeaways and trends to freshen up your program. You’ll understand their perspectives on:

  • 2018 trends in Contingent Staffing
  • How to plan and execute a a contingent workforce strategy that works for your organization
  • Incorporating your contingent workforce strategy into Total Talent Management
  • Reassessing involvement of MSP (Full MSP, Hybrid, In-House) – Is the traditional MSP model dead?
  • Determining how and why to make a course correction
  • Techniques to manage stakeholder resistance

Speakers include:
Cynthia Moore, Sourcing Lead Consultant, Sourcing & Procurement Solutions, Allstate
Lon Harvey, Director, Talent Acquisition, Waste Management
David Feldman, Global Director, Talent Acquisition Strategy & Operations, Monsanto
Shashank Bajaj, Manager - Global Temp Program, Google
Henry Murphy, Global Director Indirect Procurement, S&P Global

With contingent labor being comprised of more mission-critical and intelligent workers than ever before, it’s becoming more critical to incorporate contingent staff within your overall workforce strategy. This engaging fireside chat will take you through Monsanto’s journey and give you takeaways and perspective that you won’t get anywhere else. Some key topics include:

  • Right way (and wrong way) to engage Talent leadership within your organization
  • Breaking through organizational inertia/pre-conceived notions of contingent staff
  • Tactics to set your program up for initial and continued success

David Feldman, Global Director, Talent Acquisition Strategy & Operations, Monsanto

In today’s world, there’s unparalleled growth and options available when engaging contingent labor. In today’s tight labor market, especially for high demand skillsets it’s imperative that you know what’s out there to determine what’s best for your organization. Learn how leading firms are elevating their game. You’ll leave this session with a clear understanding of key methods and techniques surrounding how to:

  • Leverage VMS self-sourcing capabilities to find talent
  • Deepen your private talent pool after contingent staffing engagements end
  • Utilize employer branding to attract new talent
  • Utilize online talent/online staffing platforms – what’s working and what’s not
  • Leverage social networks/social media to engage talent

Speakers include:
Cynthia Moore, Sourcing Lead Consultant, Sourcing & Procurement Solutions, Allstate
Dan Khublall, Senior Director, External Labor Programs, Thomson Reuters
Dawn O’Bryan-Lamb, Supplemental Workforce Program Manager, Southern California Edison
Adam Barnes, Assistant Director - Enterprise Vendor Management - Contingent Labor, Northwestern Mutual
David Cooper, VP Global Sales, Geometric Results

This session is going to veer away from the theoretical and more into the practical by showcasing a leading contingent staffing team who has started to increase its influence over the labor spend that occurs via project-based SOWs. You’ll hear how

  • Getting your arms around SOW activity
  • Piloting an SOW project
  • Considering buyer vs supplier funded models for the SOW spend
  • Partnering with your VMS/other technology solution provider – gap between promises and delivery.

Presented by

Ryan Kretchmer, Program Manager, Global Procurement - Global Labor & Consulting, MetLife

It’s no secret that the managed services provider (MSP) model, long considered the “go-to” for contingent workforce management is being re-evaluated. This informal chat with key teams who have made the decision “To Go It Alone” will help you:

  • Learn the nuances of an Internal MSP Model
  • Evaluate if an Internal MSP Model is right for you
  • Understand the benefits/drawbacks of an internal model

Lauren Jerit, Manager Third Party Workforce, US Cellular

Who Attends Contingent Staffing?

Why Attend Contingent Staffing?


High Level Speaker Faculty:

We bring in some of the most knowledgeable speakers in the industry from leading HR departments to help build your program for success.


Join a Community:

We’re a community of HR innovators looking to share best practices, benchmark initiatives and make new friends. It’s great to know that you’re not alone.


Be Inspired:

With short, interactive formats throughout the day – you’ll always be involved in something that will transform your day to day!

"The people at ProcureCon are always thinking about the future of procurement, not just what we have already accomplished. It's not just about sharing best practices, but also discussing what's next, and that's why we come back year after year."

Charen Buyce, Global Indirect Procurement Director, Amway

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