Contingent Staffing 2020

November 05 - 06, 2020

Renaissance Phoenix Downtown, AZ

Our Media Partners

2020 Media Partners

Buyers Meeting Point

Buyers Meeting Point is owned, managed and edited by career procurement professional Kelly Barner. In addition to providing the industry with events coverage, book reviews, podcasts, and a vibrant social media network for over 10 years, Kelly is one of the most prolific and influential writers in procurement and supply... Read More

Enterprise Services Outlook

ES Outlook has been an apex platform offering a renewed aspect in understanding the offerings, innovations & models in the Enterprise Business Services arena. ES Outlook spearheads in highlighting the ideas & unique selling propositions of market leaders & how well it complements the businesses. ES Outlook identifies leading industry... Read More

HR Tech Outlook

HR Tech Outlook has adopted a learn from peers approach where CHRO's, HR-VPs, HR managers and other senior level technology decision makers constantly share their experiences, wisdom and through this unique magazine. The basic idea adopted by HR Tech Outlook is not just to focus on transactional aspects, such as,... Read More

Recruiting Brief

Join our community of over 89,000 recruiting professionals at Recruiting Brief ! Recruiting Brief brings together the widest set of expert, thought-leadership content from more than 400 leading sources. Powered by Aggregage technology, Recruiting Brief uses machine intelligence, smart algorithms, social media, and audience-driven data to deliver the most relevant... Read More

Supply Chain Best Practices

Few subjects are more vital to the modern economy than the efficient flow of goods from raw materials to the end-consumers. Supply Chain Best Practices helps procurement, logistics, fulfillment, distribution, warehousing, sourcing and fleet operations professionals learn the best strategies, technologies and leadership practices to maximize customer value. We help... Read More

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