Contingent Staffing 2018

July 30-August 01, 2018

Hyatt Regency Minneapolis, MN


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Hi! I’m Vince Esposito. Put simply, sponsoring Contingent Staffing puts your brand in the spotlight. There are over 100  industry professionals waiting to meet a company like yours.

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Vince Esposito

Sponsorship Director

Phone: 1 (646)-200-7477

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What will you get out of sponsoring?

Get Noticed. Let’s get creative! Speak at a session and address a sea of prospects. Host a cocktail reception or party! There are tons of ways to be remembered.

Meet people worth meeting. The Contingent Staffing audience is one you won’t meet anywhere else. The best companies, the most relevant titles... Your sales team will thank you after the show.

Talk business. Close deals. You’ll find success in our networking events. Whether during a themed night, cocktail hour, or the many breaks, there’s tons of occasions to meet new leads and close business, faster.

Contingent Staffing is different. You decide if we’re better.

Targeting made simple. You'll know exactly who to talk to when you get here. We survey attendees to find out where they're investing, and then we send the findings to you. That’s information you can’t get anywhere else.

It feels like vacation. To us, you’re VIP, and you should be treated like it. That’s why Contingent Staffing is held at a luxury resort, and not a convention center. We’re not all business, all the time.

Share in the excitement. We don't prohibit vendors from using the app like other shows – so message, selfie, and comment to your heart’s content! Be a part of the whole experience, and stay connected long after Contingent Staffing is done.

Can’t make it to the event?

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