Contingent Staffing Virtual Summit + Expo

August 24 - 25, 2021

Online (ET)

12-4pm ET

Developing Strategies for Demand Management with Contingent Staffing

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As contingent staffing becomes a more prominent element of workforce management in many businesses, the demand for solutions that can assist in talent retention, payments, and the optimization of the workforce is growing in turn. Contingent workforce management solutions as well as statement of work solutions are both becoming common elements. Over a third of respondents will use a selection of contingent workforce management, SOW, and headcount tracking tools.

The results of these efforts can be clearly seen in the reduction of time spent sourcing talent for contingent labor assignments. While 46% of respondents will require between two weeks and a month to source contingent talent, just under a third have been able to streamline their process to below two weeks.

The impact of changes in the supporting technology around contingent staffing is set to have a significant impact across industries. This can be seen in the range of skill areas where contingent staffing is in use. While IT and clerical work are the most commonly outsourced skill areas, finance, engineering and design, and even clinical and scientific research and healthcare are also areas that are being impacted by trends in outsourcing.

For the full data set gathered, along with a deeper level of analysis, stay tuned for the full research report, coming soon to the Contingent Staffing resource center. We will explore the greater impact of both contingent labor strategy as a trend, and the tools that are enabling it to accelerate as a force impacting businesses across industries within the next 12 months and beyond.

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