Contingent Staffing 2019

July 23 - 25, 2019

Hyatt Regency Minneapolis, MN

Greg Scherrer, Director, Contingent Workforce Operations at KPMG

Greg Scherrer

Director, Contingent Workforce Operations

Day 2: Wednesday July 24

9:00 AM Interactive Case Study: Elevating Your Program Through An Effective HR And Procurement Partnership

This engaging case study will review the different set of skills the KPMG HR and Procurement team bring to the table to address spend management, supplier relationship management, talent acquisition, and risk/compliance management that result in a successfully managed contingent staffing program. You’ll leave the session with a full understanding of how to:

• Initiate/improve upon existing partnerships and collaboration between HR and Procurement
• Recognize and manage inherent differences between goals of HR and Procurement to achieve success
• Develop a working relationship to achieve competitive advantage via your contingent staffing program

Day 3: Thursday July 25

9:00 AM Workshop: Is Your VMS A Hub Or An Island?: Incorporating Process Excellence Within Your Contingent Workforce Program

Stuck with a hodge-podge of systems and processes within your CS program? Such environments can unfortunately be the norm and creates a host of managerial and technical challenges that can negatively impact your organization. 

This workshop will discuss how the CS team at KPMG identified and addressed this challenge by streamlined their overall contractor provisioning process This session will give you some key takeaways surrounding:

- How to effectively scope and lead a process excellence initiative
- Aligning stakeholder expectations
- Managing system and process limitations
- Measuring program success

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Greg.

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