Contingent Staffing Virtual Summit + Expo

August 24 - 25, 2021

Online (ET)

12-4pm ET

ProcureCon Contingent Staffing Success Story

‘I like the intimate level of conversations I was able to have with the end customer and great voice-of-customer perspective in the session tracks’


Terri Gallagher' Story At a Glance

Founder & President
Gallagher and Consultants

First Year Attended: 2019

How She’s Participated: Speaker

Conference Highlights: The opportunity to learn about the pain points from staffing professionals in the industries. The intimate setting of the event provided a platform for deeper conversations.

ProcureCon events are well known in the industry circle…

I had heard about the events from my clients and others in the industry so when the opportunity to speak was presented, I did hesitate to take it up!

It’s all about Quality vs Quantity.

I can see why ProcureCon events are so popular in procurement circles. When you attend a ProcureCon event, you automatically join a community of likeminded professionals who are not shy about sharing information and who are actively looking to engage with their peers. While the event was small in size, it gave me the opportunity to have deeper conversations and make connections that have outlived my time at the event.

The highlight of the event for me was…

The Roundtables! It was the most productive time I have spent at any event. I learned about the pain points commonly affecting staffing professionals, about the need for leadership in the industry, guidance on execution, how some companies are still working out the fundamentals – all of this was learned not just by sitting in sessions, but networking with the attendees and having meaningful conversations.

My biggest takeaways were the connections I made at the event!

As a consultant, I am always looking to network and meet people from the industry. At the Contingent Staffing conference, I felt like I was part of an exclusive community of likeminded peers. Conversations that started at the event, have continued outside of the conference. It was definitely a conference worth attending.

Now that I am part of the ProcureCon community, I look forward to continue attending these events in 2020!

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